A Talking Fish


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History of A Talking Fish

The true origins of A Talking Fish extend long before their YouTube channel's creation in the summer of 2007. Roger Pollard started making videos with Jade Richman as early as 2005 (this means they were both around 13 years old). Their first video was about two friends who wind up in another video game dimension after their mom tells them to turn off the TV. After making a few videos together (including one about drunk driving and another about corrupt wrestlers), Roger found himself making a longer, more coherent video for a class assignment. Roger, Jade, and brothers Seth and Zach Bright made a video called "The Mystery of Johnny Whatshisname". It was a murder mystery about a crew of detectives that set up to discover who killed Johnny Whatshisname. Overall, the video was not that good.

A few months later, Max Cannon moved into town and met Roger. In Max's previous home town, he had been part of a YouTube channel called "Cheesy Movies". Roger became part of the "Cheesy Movies" team, and the two of them made videos for the channel while the other members made their own videos. This partnership only lasted a few months, but in that time, Roger and Max made a few videos for school projects. Their most popular video was called "Crazy Roger's Water Emporium", which was incredibly popular at school (some people even bought the DVD of it for $10), but not very popular online.

For a time, Roger started making videos with other people under the name "A Talking Fish" (but on the "Cheesy Movies" channel). Eventually, Roger made his own YouTube channel, called "A Talking Fish". The videos that were previously uploaded to "Cheesy Movies" were moved over to this new channel, and the partnership was disbanded. The "Cheesy Movies" logo made regular appearances in early A Talking Fish videos, even after the disbandment (the most notable appearance is at the beginning of Jade's Death). During the pre-ATF time period, Roger made a video with Aaron Fullbright for a school project.

The First Wave (Early 2007)

The first videos made by A Talking Fish were made with Eric Moss and Justin Haro. Not very many of these videos are currently available to watch, but the two most notable ones are The Thief that Robbed My House and The School Fundraiser Video (it is important to understand that the pattern of naming videos "The ___ Video" started after the creation of many of the first videos, and these videos were renamed at that time). Smosh, a popular video duo, actually commented on The School Fundraiser Video, which comment received an incredible number of likes. At some point, though, the comment was removed, leaving it only as an unprovable memory (and a screenshot somewhere).

The Second Wave (Late 2007 through 2008)

During the second wave of the group's videos, there was a wide diversity in actors. Sometimes Roger would make videos with Seth, Zach, and Max, and other times he would make them with Eric and Justin. Frequently, though, he would make videos with Jade Richman. During this time, the most popular video was Jade's Death. In fact, most of the videos that were not this video were actually pretty bad. Boring and unfunny, for the most part. During this time, Jade and Roger got to go to San Francisco to attend a YouTube conference. Roger also attended two film-making camps, which helped improve the group's video production quality to some degree. During this time, Roger and Aaron made a video together called The Tomato Video. While it was on the YouTube channel for a while, the video ended up being inadvertently lost.

The Third Wave (Early 2009)

As 2009 progressed, the group's video frequency dropped drastically. That being said, video quality increased. The Yard Sale Video was released that summer, which was a pretty good video, if I do say so myself. The group started experimenting with other video techniques, such as song covers (The "Hot and Cold" Video and The "Crazy Train" Video) and improvization (The Breakfast Video). The first video with Aaron, Jade, and Roger was released (The Stones of Life in the Forest of Doom).

Revival (2010 through 2011)

After several months of inactivity, the group slowly started making videos again. For the most part, these videos were made between Roger and Jade, although Aaron would sometimes help. While this revival started out slow, the group ended up making a substantial amount of videos throughout 2011. These videos include the music videos for which the channel is now well-known. This time period is the most significant time period for the group, as it defined them the most. This time period ends with the video Mailman, which symbolized a departing between Jade and Roger, as Roger was moving to a different town for college, and they were unsure of when they would be able to make videos together again.

Reminiscence (early 2012)

For the first half of 2012, the channel was relatively inactive, although efforts were made to compile old footage and upload higher-quality versions of older videos. During this time, Roger returned to town for a week, and he made another music video with Jade (Extra Cheese).

Second Revival (2013)

When Roger returned from college in the summer of 2012, he made a video with Max and Jade (The Sunglassketball Players), although this video was not uploaded for about a year after it was made. After this, there was a long break where no videos were made. Before the channels first termination in the summer of 2013, three more music videos were made with the help of Max. Roger had learned more about music production, and Max had learned more about video production, so they teamed up together to make the first high-quality ATF videos. These three videos (Don't Bring Me Down, Nature, and The End of the World) are notably higher-quality than the channel's previously released videos.


The channel's last major release (The End of the World) symbolzed the real termination of the channel, as Roger would be away for two the two years following. Along with this, The Sunglassketball Players was also uploaded. After that, the channel experienced a great calm, where no videos were publically uploaded for three years. Eventually, Jade and Roger got together to make a Post-apocalypse video.