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Video Game Music Production

The power of music in video games

Playing a well-crafted video game can be an ethereal experience. Great games immerse the player into a new world by stimulating their senses—sight, sound, and even touch. The power of music in video games, therefore, cannot be overlooked. If a game lacks meaningful music that ties into the feel of the game itself, the player's experience will be diminished.

Music production for your video game

I started writing music when I was 10 years old. At an early age, I would transcribe music from my favorite Nintendo games. Eventually, I began writing my own music for piano. Over the last ten years, I have been writing and recording music for my YouTube channel. More recently, however, I have started focusing on writing music for original video game projects.

My deep love for meaningful music fuels every professional music production I make. When I commit to making music for a video game project, I commit to making the music fit as perfectly as possible with the aesthetic experience that the game offers.

Game development and music production grow together

Ideas for video game music are developed similarly to ideas for games themselves. Since the feeling of the music should be closely tied with the feeling of the game, it is best when the music production is given time to grow and adapt to the concepts present in the story, world, and aesthetics of the game. Therefore, the earlier collaboration is established between the game development and music production, the better.

Trailers, previews, and other video production needs

Some of the most influential music can be contained in the previews or trailers for your game. The best trailers combine quality music with well-edited gameplay footage. With 10 years of video editing experience, I use professional video production tools to combine original music with selections from your chosen footage to make a cohesive video that shows the player what they can experience in your game. With music and video working together—made with each other in mind—your video game trailer or preview can be a powerful tool in introducing your game to a new market.